Corporate gifts

Looking for a gift for your employees?

Purchase one of our unique handcrafted gift options!

All proceeds go to the African asylum seeking artisans who crafted your products!

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Spring is coming!

Kokob 1 basket / flower of your choice

Kalanchoe or Lavender: 65 shekel

Orchid: 145 shekel

Passover is here!

Kokob 2 basket / scented candle

75 shekel

The classic gift

Kokob 3 basket / scented candle / 3 bulb Hyacinth flower

125 shekel


Square basket / Matzah cover / Haggadah / Herbal Plant

199 shekel

The Single Chef's Bundle

Kokob 3 Basket / 2 Wooden Spoons / Adult Apron / Herbal Plant

165 shekel

The Family Chef Bundle

Kokob 4 Basket / 2 Wooden Spoons Adult Apron / Kids Apron / Set of Mini Mitts / Herbal Plant

285 shekel

A Relaxing passover

A set of 9 unscented African fabric candles that will bring light and happiness

175 shekel


Lina Tray / Bottle of wine from the Yekev Winery in Ramat Hagolan / Matzah Cover / Scented Candle / 3 bulb Hyacinth flower

299 shekel

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