Kit includes: 2 bracelets, a "We Were All Once Refugees" Tote Bag, and a "Freedom" or “Hope” Tshirt

Violation of human and civil rights inflicts profound suffering on the most vulnerable among us. Those who have been deprived of their rights from the outset face a dire absence of voice, financial support, and necessary networks. We are deeply concerned that the legal upheaval will jeopardize and threaten the asylum-seeking community in Israel. Nevertheless, the inspiring demonstrations and the massive show of solidarity on the streets have restored our hope in Israeli society. This is a courageous, resilient society that strives for democracy, justice, equality, and embraces acceptance of all. On this momentous occasion, we have prepared a special kit as a tribute to all the brave protesters, including a stylish tote bag bearing the inscription "We were all once refugees," a T-shirt with "Freedom" or “Hope” written in Tigrinya, and two African fabric bracelets. Stand with us in this battle, as refugee rights are an integral part of human rights. Together, we can make a difference!