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Come and meet Kuchinate through one of our many events. Most can be attended as individuals or in groups and are hosted in our colorful and lively studio in South Tel Aviv.

Buna (Coffee) Talk

Join us for a traditional East African coffee ceremony and hear an overview of the status of asylum seekers in Israel as well as the empowering stories of our women and our collective

35 NIS/person

Crochet Workshops

Learn how to crochet a beautiful basket in 2 hours with one of Kuchinate’s teachers. Choose a roll of colored fabric and a needle from our selection, and begin! By the end of the workshop you will have your own basket to take home!

Suitable for adults and children from the age of 12

Private rate 200 NIS

Private rate for 2 people 150 NIS/person

Group rate for 3 people and over 100 NIS/person

Bracelet Making Workshops - Recommended for Children - 50 NIS/child


Bracelet Workshops

(recommended for children and bat mitzvah groups)

Come and join us for a bracelet making workshop.

You will receive a artists needle, string, and beads, and a Kuchinate artisan will guide you in creating your own special bracelet that you will bring home with you!

50 NIS/person

*We recommend adding a buna (coffee) talk to your workshop for an additional 35 NIS/person

Kuchinate Kitchen

Join our table and enjoy a delicious home-cooked Eritrean meal. The meal includes lentil stew, chickpeas and potatoes, fresh vegetable salads and of course the traditional injera bread.

Our meals are all vegan and kosher-friendly – 50 NIS/person

Home Sales

Want to host us in your home? Do you want to help introduce Kuchinate to a wider audience of your friends and family? Bring our studio to you! All we ask is that you bring as many people as you can to shop, and we set up the rest!

For all Event & Workshop enquiries
After your visit with us, we recommend touring our diverse and creative neighborhood full of art studios and galleries.

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