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Volunteers can change the world - Join Us!

Thanks to our dozens of volunteers in Israel and abroad over the years, we have continued to thrive and grow. Join us and make an impact by volunteering your time and skills to empower our community.

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For more information about our volunteer opportunities, please see below.

Skilled professionals in the arts

Kuchinate welcomes volunteers with expertise in sewing, crochet, or other arts to share their skills with the Kuchinate artisans.

Marketing and PR/Advertising

Volunteers who are skilled in marketing and public relations efforts focused on corporate engagement.

Administrative Support

Volunteers with technical and organizational expertise can provide assistance with daily administrative tasks.


Individuals can contribute to Kuchinate's events by assisting with event planning, coordination, and logistics.


Individuals passionate about fundraising can contribute by organizing events, campaigns, or initiatives to raise funds for Kuchinate.


Volunteers with photography skills can capture images of Kuchinate's activities, events, and products.


The Kuchinate women generate an income through the production and sales of their handicrafts. We participate in fairs and home sales, and are looking for volunteers with a valid drivers license who can drive us and our products to and/or from the sales.

Home Sales

Help spread our name in your community by opening your home and inviting your neighbors, friends, and family. Our women and volunteers will bring our products and run the sale, while your community learns about the women of Kuchinate. ​


Bilingual volunteers proficient in both English and Hebrew can assist with translation tasks. They can help translate documents, communications, and facilitate effective communication between Kuchinate and its stakeholders.


We are looking for volunteers who have experience with children ages 6 months - 15 years (especially during Summer and holiday vacations) to look after the children of the artisans while they are working.

Interior designers for our store windows

Creative individuals with a background in interior design can assist in designing and setting up visually appealing store window displays at Kuchinate.

Text editing

Volunteers with strong editing and proofreading skills can assist in reviewing and refining written materials such as newsletters, reports, and promotional materials to ensure accuracy, clarity, and consistency.

To learn more, please email volunteer@kuchinate.com