Volunteer With Us

Volunteers can change the world!

Join the Kuchinate community

Thanks to our dozens of volunteers in Israel and abroad over the years, we have been able to keep our doors open and continue to thrive and grow.

Would you like to be a part of our Kuchinate community and help us in supporting our hundreds of womens and their families?

There are countless volunteer options listed below. Please contact volunteer@kuchinate.com for more information.


The Kuchinate women generate an income through the production and sales of their handicrafts. We participate in weekly fairs and home sales, and are looking for volunteers who can drive us and our products to and/or from the sales.

Home Sales

Help spread our name in your community by opening your home and inviting your neighbors, friends, and family. Our women and volunteers will bring our products and run the sale, while your community learns about the women of Kuchinate. ​

Marketing and Advertising

Updating our website, Instagram account, and Facebook page, as well as running online campaigns, creating monthly newsletters, and more.


We are looking for babysitters to help entertain and care for our children in the studio, so that their mothers can fully immerse themselves in courses and making their handicrafts.

To learn more, please email volunteers@kuchinate.com