Dr. Diddy Mymin Kahn is originally from South Africa. She is a clinical psychologist and trauma specialist in humanitarian aid and intervention. She has over 27 years of experience working in the UK, Hong Kong, Israel, Sierra Leone, Philippines and Haiti as a psychologist, supervisor, trainer and group facilitator.

"I co-founded Kuchinate in 2011.  When I started working with East African asylum seekers who had suffered through horrific experiences in the Sinai, I understood that a traditional Western approach to treating trauma would not suffice and a different approach to rehabilitation was needed. Kuchinate was born from the desire to provide psychological, economic and social empowerment to women who were in a desperate state of survival. I am so proud of our 300 women who face immense challenges each day, and yet find the strength to help themselves and simultaneously positively impact each other and the public. Through growth, strength and resilience, Kuchinate women evolve themselves, as well as empower others to grow.”