We are a non for profit organization with all the profits from sales going back into the social causes of the organization. We could not continue to thrive in providing holistic support to the ever increasing needs of our women without the assistance of good people like you. For tax deductible donations, please see below. 

Thank you for your generosity!

For any questions, please contact Lindsey Taussig at

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Via Credit Card (IsraelGives - Tax Deductible in Israel, USA, France, and the UK)
Via The Good People Fund (USA)

Click here to be directed to the donation platform of The Good People Fund

When donating through Good People Fund, please remember to note that the funds are to be directed to Kuchinate in the donation form, otherwise the funds will not be received. 

The Good People Fund takes a minimal percentage from your donation. Other platforms take more.

Thank you!

Via Bank Transfer

Name on account: Kuchinate

Bank Leumi

Branch: 844

Shekel Account Number: 019243/45

Shekel IBAN: IL750108440000001924345

Foreign Account Number: 019243/65

Foreign IBAN: IL750108440000001924365


Address: Sderot Har Tsiyon 104, Tel Aviv

Please notify us at once you have made the transfer with the following details: sum, reference number, name of donor, address and/or email address to which you want the receipt sent.

Via UK Charity Cheque

If you would like to pay by charity check, please put our charity ID number (580520526) in the memo section of the check, address the check to "UK Gives" and mail it to: 483 Green Lanes, London, England, N134BS

*Before writing your check, please contact us at

We need your support now more than ever

The recent terror attacks and the resulting war in Israel have shocked and saddened us all. In addition to our indescribable grief and loss, Kuchinate’s artisans and asylum-seeking community find themselves on the brink of a humanitarian crisis. We have been forced to close our studio for the foreseeable future, and itu is currently impossible to generate income throgh sales of Kuchinate products in our shops or by hosting workshops, which our women rely on to survive. As African asylum-seekers, they are unable to access any social benefits or emergency funds. Kuchinate is responsible for hundreds of asylum seeking women, who are now unable to provide for their children and families and will shortly face hunger, eviction from their homes and dire poverty. In a state of distress, we are turning to our loyal supporters for urgent help. Any purchase or donation, no matter how large or small, will make a difference.

Monthly Donations

Monthly Donations

Consider making a monthly donation today and join a dedicated group of supporters who understand the importance of making a sustainable commitment to provide support for the Kuchinate women!

Your donation is tax deductible in Israel, Canada, the US, France, and the UK.