Eden came to Israel in 2012 from Eritrea. She is married and mother of 3 children, all of whom were born in Israel. Eden arrived to Kuchinate in 2017 after a serious illness and having undergone a liver transplant.

Before Kuchinate, Eden had never crocheted or had experience in handicrafts. It was only at Kuchinate that she discovered her great talent for handicrafts. As part of her role, Eden is responsible for quality control and teaching new women the craft of crocheting. She especially likes working with the women on the quality of the products. She has a strict and precise eye and will not accept a basket that does not meet her high standards

"Because of my health, I was in a difficult situation, and I couldn't do jobs like cleaning. Asylum seekers don't have office jobs, so at that time I was very worried that I wouldn't have a job at all. When I found Kuchinate and the crochet work, I said to myself, here I can do something that I am good at and I can make a living from it”