Laurie is originally from the Netherlands. She has a BA in journalism, an MA in social anthropology and is about to complete a doctorate in Gender Studies focussing her research on the ways in which women from Eritrea experience and resist the asylum regime in Israel and beyond. 

Laurie’s work on gendered racialisation, human trafficking, asylum and border regimes and violence along migration routes from the Horn of Africa to the Middle East and Europe collides with over a decade of activism to end migration detention and deportation and advocacy for the rights of asylum seekers and refugees. She brings experience working in an anti-racism organisation and intersectional feminist therapy network in the UK and refugee camps in Ethiopia and Sudan.  

Laurie leads Kuchinate's educational programme and is excited to be developing courses on intersectional feminism, political storytelling, psychosocial education and feminist leadership for Kuchinate's community managers and artisans. 

Laurie trained as a doula. She has two young children. In her free time she loves to grow plants and flowers and make herbal medicine and enjoys creating botanical dye projects.