Lina is married with four children. She has great artistic talent. At Kuchinate, she knits carpets and baskets and is responsible for developing new products and arranging and designing the store.


"I have lived in Israel for over 10 years. I live on Mount Zion Boulevard in a two-room apartment. My four children sleep in one room, I live in the living room, and my husband is on the balcony. I arrived at Kuchinate in 2013 and could not work, because in 2011, after southern Sudan declared independence, Israel decided that the Sudanese should return to Sudan by force. My little girl had to have a dental operation, and because I had an appointment for surgery, I received a special note from the Interior Ministry. I never left my apartment without carrying the note in my hand, and because of this note, I was always able to slip by. I never had to go back to Sudan. My husband and children hid in the apartment and my husband only went out to work at night time. My friends who were forced back to Sudan are now in refugee camps in Uganda and Egypt with their children."