Lindsey is originally from the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. She has a Bachelor's degree in Gender Studies, with a minor in counseling, and a Masters in Trauma and Crisis Studies. Both during and after her studies, Lindsey volunteered with Kuchinate. In March 2020, Lindsey joined the Kuchinate team as the Studio Manager and Psychosocial Project Manager, and now works as Kuchinate’s Head of Development.

"When I was studying for my Masters and learned I would be doing my field work at Kuchinate, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to learn more about the asylum-seeking population in Israel. I immediately fell in love with Kuchinate and the women who are supported there. I decided to focus my Master’s degree on the crises and traumas experienced by the asylum-seeking population, to better understand and help. Kuchinate has awakened a part of my soul, and has become a second home to me: both the physical space and the women who bring the space to life, and have become my family."