Shewit came to Israel from Eritrea in 2012 and heard about Kuchinate in 2014 after an injury. Shewit fully immersed herself in the world of Kuchinate in 2021 as she loved the environment and now works full time. 

Shewit applies herself fully to her work and her family. At Kuchinate, she loves creating pieces and strives for perfection with every product she creates. While key chains are her most favorite pieces to make, Shewit prides herself on the skills she’s learned through Kuchinate such as managerial, sewing, and crocheting. 

Shewit has 2 children who give her immense joy and pride. Her son has taken to sewing and loves coming to Kuchinate with her. Kuchinate has not only given Shewit a job, it has also created a home for her and her children.