Displayed at the Autonomous Art Biennale at Gymnasia "Herzliya", Tel Aviv | March 31 - April 13, 2023

The Place I Come From

Experiments in Learning: The exhibition centers on a question that is urgent in our current reality – “Education for what?”

The Autonomous Art Biennale at Gymnasia Herzliya in Tel Aviv. A 3m long art piece “The Place I Come From” by Lina Otom Jak Agolon will be exhibited alongside 32 artists from Palestine, Israeli and internationally. The Autonomous Art Biennale is an autonomous initiative of artists, educators and curators – without government involvement or funding – aspiring to serve as a focus that will connect contemporary art, education and community.

Lina Otom Jak Agolon presents an embroidery work that is longer than three meters, telling about memories of skills she was taught as a child in the south of Sudan. A mental map of a real place that does not exist anymore. The place she had to flee from at the age of 27 because of violence of rebels who robbed them and burned their houses. Her grandmother taught her to make clay vessels, her mother to prepare food and her father - to make the boats in which they traveled on the Nile that passed by their home.